Part 4: Determining Access Method

Part 4: Determining Access Method

Before we can use an AAC device we may need to determine the access method that is most suitable for the end user. If you are not familiar with some of the access methods available you can use this link to view alternative access methods for AAC devices.

There is a document below to download to help determine access methods and the process for deciding on an access method can be as follows:

1. Do the screening activities (no communication device required).
Pick the ones that are appropriate based on the individual’s abilities and age. “Play” activities allow you to observe
skills in activities that will be fun and engaging. “Direct” activities are more straight-forward. They are best used for
adults or older children.

2. Try out access methods that have potential on a communication device. (maybe select one to trial here)

3. Select the access method that provides the individual the most accurate and efficient access to his/her
communication device

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